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The Better You Sound Over the Phone, The More You'll Sell. Period. 

Imagine for a moment that every time you spoke, you were able to express yourself with eloquent precision. That you were able to irresistibly compel and persuade. Visualize yourself inspiring, captivating and motivating others with your eloquence. Giving memorable presentations time after time. And off the phone, every time you speak publicly, earning the kind of recognition and support many only dream of.


"Your Telephone Sales Voice: How to SOUND More Effective Over the Phone." 
Featuring Susan Berkley Interviewed by Art Sobczak

On the phone, of course, your prospects and customers can't see you. But actually they CAN, since they are forming an impression of you in their mind's eye. The good news is that you can change, and enhance your telephone image through your voice. Voice and speaking expert, Susan Berkley ("The Most Listened-To Voice in America," you'll understand when you hear the seminar) shares a number of valuable tips so that you can sound and "look" the way you want on the phone. She lists the many voice and speaking mistakes that many of us make, and what to do instead.

If you were to see an important prospect in person, of course you would want to look your best. Be certain that you look your best every day on the phone as well. Listen to this valuable audio seminar and you will sound better, and be more persuasive. 

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