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If on a sales or prospecting call, you have ever had a voice mail not returned, been screened out by an inquisitive gatekeeper, got shot down in the first 15 seconds, or did not stimulate rapt attention in your listener, you will learn how to avoid those problems in this NEW 90-minute teleseminar on audio CD.

Huge Bonus Included: Art will PERSONALLY review your opening statement after you've gone through the program and provide his recommendations!

How to Easily Create Telephone Call  Openings that Stimulate Interest,
and Avoid Resistance-
(AND Get To More Decision Makers, AND Have Success With Voice Mail)"

By Art Sobczak

This is a new, revised, and expanded version of a teleseminar that we have not held live for over FOUR years prior to last month but has been listened to on audio CD by thousands. We have kept all of the proven foundation material intact, and updated, revised, and added new tips and techniques, plus additional material on getting to decision makers, and successful voice mail techniques. You get all of this material on two audio CD's covering 90 minutes, and/or you can download it immediately!

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From an attendee at the program last month:
"I gained a tremendous amount of value out of your teleseminar and am already seeing it pay dividends in my prospecting calls. The folks I speak with are opening up a lot sooner in the conversation and offering a lot more information which makes for a more substantial discussion about their business and what we do. The best sales training I have been through thus far!"
Adin Hamilton, Plan4Demand


A Message From Art Sobczak About This Program
I've listened to thousands of sales and prospecting calls by phone, as a trainer, manager, and coach, AND as a potential prospect of the calling sales rep. And I can tell you without a doubt that most call openings stink. (And, I admit,  in my own early days as a green sales rep, I've delivered my share of those horrible openings.)

They create resistance, not interest.

They put the listener in a frame of mind where they cinch up, put up the defenses, and begin thinking of ways to get rid of the caller. The call has an adversarial tone. Maybe you know the feeling.

It's no wonder so many sales reps are reluctant to pick up the phone--they get shot down in the first couple of seconds.


(By the way, early in the program, I share the top opening statement mistakes that guarantee failure, and many reps do not even know they are making these errors over and over)

It's quite simple, fellow sales pro: if your opening doesn't create interest, you don't have a chance with the rest of the call--if you even get that far.

It doesn't have to be that way. Because it's not that difficult to do and say the right things to grab the attention of your prospect or customer, and get them involved in a productive conversation.

I'll show you these "secrets" in this 90-minute telephone training session, and you'll actually develop and/or refine your interest-creating opening.

From the comfort of your home, at your own desk, or even if you're on the road in a hotel room or on a cell phone you can take part in this training session. No computer necessary for the actual session. I'll give you the link to the handout materials to download in advance.


Kathy Templeton emailed:
"Your TeleSeminar was terrific. I especially liked the information on pre-planning and the
step-by-step guidance for preparing our new script."


Topics Covered

Here is just some of what is covered in this learning session:

  • What to do before calls so you don't have to place generic "cold calls"
  • How to ensure you're never "rejected" on calls
  • 13 actions and word-for-word mistakes sales reps make every day that guarantee failure and resistance, and what to say instead
  • Specific tips, strategies, and phrases to use with screeners to be helped through, instead of pushed out
  • Why most voice mail messages are ignored, and create resistance, and what to do instead
  • Why to avoid talking about your product/service in the opening
  • A no-brainer, fill-in-the blanks opening statement template for prospecting calls that gets them interested
  • What to say in the first 20 seconds of your call so you generate interest, not resistance.
  • "How are you today?" Say it or not?
  • Should you script or not?
  • Case study examples of horrible openings, and great alternatives you can use and/or adapt

"Your approach is modern, sincere, realistic and in-touch with real-world sales situations. I appreciated that, and learned more from that one hour with you than I have in 12 years of selling inside.Thanks!"
Denise Zale, Stenograph L.L.C.
"From the very first day of using Art's technology I noticed a dramatic difference in my attitude and the person's attitude on the other end of the phone. The conversation was much more cordial and people seemed more receptive as well."
Joe Tumulo, SFI

As a result of this session you'll be able to,

  • Put listeners in a positive frame of mind, instead of causing them to begin thinking of ways to get rid of you
  • Get them participating, willingly, in the call
  • Avoid getting shot down in the first few seconds
  • Comfortably, confidently, and successfully work WITH screeners, differentiating yourself from the other sales reps who called that day, to be helped through to the buyer
  • Create voice mail messages that get RESULTS

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"Thank you for the opening statement teleseminar. No wonder I was having such minimal success. I was doing pretty much everything wrong! Your seminar has helped tremendously."
Erick Kasiulis

You'll download and print the workbook/handout material to follow along during the program, which also gives the word-for-word examples Art presents, and additional techniques and sample scripts you can use or modify. In these materials you also will be working on your own openings.

- FREE Special Report on Interest-Creating Opening Statements. We've sold thousands of these at $12. See it here.

- HUGE BONUS: Free Opening Statement Review. After listening to the program, Art will review your opening statement and give his comments and suggestions. A word here or there CAN make a difference, and Art can help you avoid making some costly mistakes while testing it out on live prospects and customers. Art in the past has only offered this to his corporate training and consulting clients, and attendees at his $895 Telesales Rep College, but you get it FREE, as part of the program. If you were to hire Art for just this consulting and coaching opportunity alone, it would be much more than the $79 investment in the teleseminar.

"I like what you had said in your review of my opening. I reworded my talk track and today I set up 3 appointments and ran one on the spot by phone. It really has changed things. Once again Thank You very much."
Michael Lindner, ADP

"Since implementing the opening statement you revised for us, we've gone from sales reps dreading calling the in-house data base (based on very little success in getting through to people previously) to a success rate of 2 out of 10 with truly successful calls, and those not available actually returning calls.  Thanks SO MUCH for the help on the language, and for the great seminar!" 
Colleen Cowles, Esq.
Cowles Legal Systems, Inc.

"My team and I participated in your TeleSeminar,  It was the best training session we have had in a long time." 
Melissa Meridith


You Risk Nothing

100% All Of Your Money Back GUARANTEE

If for any reason you don't feel that this program is worth a LOT more than your investment, just let us know and we will refund your money. There is a reason we have been in business helping sales reps for over 26 years, and we stand behind everything we provide.


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Get the Audio Recording of the Program: We have already recorded a presentation of this program, and you can get the two-audio CD's, and the download of the audio files, and receive all of the bonuses, including the Opening Review by Art. Just $79 ($7 shipping)  Or, order just the downloadable files and have no shipping charge. 

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After your order is processed you will receive an email with complete dial-in details, and information about downloading your handouts and bonus material.


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