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Art Sobczak's Speaking and Training Programs Can Help You Sell, Avoid Rejection, Prospect Painlessly, and Sell More By Phone


Art Sobczak, President of Business By Phone Inc., specializes in one area only: working with business-to-business salespeople--both inside and outside--designing and delivering content-rich programs that participants begin showing results from the very next time they get on the phone. Audiences love his “down-to-earth,” entertaining style, and low-pressure, easy-to-use, customer oriented ideas and techniques.

He works with thousands of sales reps each year helping them get more business by phone. Art provides real world, how-to ideas and techniques that help salespeople use the phone more effectively to prospect, sell, and service, without morale-killing “rejection.”

Using the phone in sales is only difficult for people who use outdated, salesy, manipulative tactics, or for those who aren’t quite sure what to do, or aren’t confident in their abilities. Art’s audiences always comment how he simplifies the telesales process, making it easily adaptable for anyone with the right attitude.

For over 28 years Art has written and published the how-to tips newsletter, TELEPHONE PROSPECTING AND SELLING REPORT, and over 12 years, his weekly email tips newsletter.

Art is a prolific producer of learning resources on selling by phone. He authored the audio-tape training program, “Ringing Up Sales,” published by Dartnell. He wrote the books, “How to Sell More, In Less Time, With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques--Volumes 1&2,” “Telephone Tips That SELL!--501 How-to Ideas and Affirmations to Help You Get More Business By Phone,” and "How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call." His newest book, He has numerous audio and video programs.

Art’s how-to ideas and tips appear regularly in the print and electronic media. He had written a regular column for “Teleprofessional” magazine for 10 years, also writes one for “Selling!” newsletter, and is frequently quoted in “Selling Power,” “Bottom Line Business,” “Sales and Marketing Management,” and numerous trade publications. In fact, online searches for his name typically pull up over 10,000 listings, many from others who have quoted him and his articles.

He holds the popular Telesales Rep College two-day public training seminars nationwide, and also customizes the program for on-site, in-house delivery. Art also delivers how-to programs on effective telesales ranging from one-hour to several days.

His newest program is "Smart Calling™: How to Take the Fear, Failure, and Rejection Out of Cold Calling." This is his system that shows exactly how to place a Smart call, where the sales rep has intelligence on his prospect and company, therefore increasing the chance for success. His book with the same title, published by Wiley, hit number one in the Sales and Marketing category on on its very first day of release, and was named Top Sales Book of 2010 by Top Sales Awards. 

He has produced and delivered over 1500 training sessions over the past 28 years for companies and associations in virtually all business-to-business industries.

His speaking and training reputation has been built as someone who knows what works and what doesn’t in telesales because he’s done it (corporate telesales and management positions with AT&T Long Lines and American Express in the early 80's), and still does it.

He also conducts extensive research to customize his programs, listening to tapes of actual sales calls of client reps in order to learn the language of the industry, company, and strengths and weaknesses of sales reps and strategies.

Comments From Training Clients
"Art, the sales team at Global Knowledge thanks you for the wonderful course you conducted for us. The training perfectly supported the objectives we outlined in our preparation and was in direct support of our own sales and training philosophy. We were very impressed with your responsiveness, flexibility and reliability during the entire process. We were especially impressed with how detailed your research into our methods, culture, and personality was. You took the time to listen to over four hours worth of our calls, interview the management team, and conduct numerous interviews of our representatives so you were confident you had a good understanding of our situation. You were able to take this information, marry it to our objectives and design and deliver a very customized and high-quality class for us exceeding our expectations. The impact your training rendered was marked. We have had very strong months when compared year-over-year with the past two years and have seen a morale and skill improvement across the board." 
JB Smith, Sales Projects Manager, Global Knowledge


"Art, thank you for your spectacular presentations, 'The Top Ten Mistakes Made By Sales Reps When Using the Phone, and, What You Can Do to Avoid These Errors, and, "30 Telephone Sales Tips You Can Use Right Now," at our recent Summer Sales Camp in Chicago! Our attendees were inspired, educated, and entertained. Thank you again for your time and effort that you spent preparing for our event."
Tina Brown, Director of Education & Meetings, Wholesale Florists & Florist Suppliers Association


"Art, here we are nearly 6 months after your initial training session with my team. I wanted you to know how pleased we are with the progress. Currently we are on track to have the biggest sales year in our company’s history. In addition, my top performers are using your CD series and have reported a new outlook on their approach. What’s worth mentioning is the fact that these are individuals that have been in the business for over 15 years and have been the hardest to motivate and even more so re-train with new ideas. In our 19 years of business, we have done it all from motivational seminars to guest speakers to other sales training classes. Unquestionably, your programs are the most well-received by my staff and have had the greatest impact t
o our sales. I give my highest recommendation to any company that uses the phone as part of their business."

Kit Jeerapaet, President, duPont Registry


Speaking and Training Programs

If you would like to have a program designed especially for your group or association, customized for your type of calls, let’s talk. Art will do extensive research on your business and sales process, including listening to tapes of your calls and interviewing your sales reps to build the program that delivers the results you want. You could choose to have the entire two-day program, or Art can build a workshop ranging anywhere from one-hour to several days. If you have an interest, call Art directly at 1-800-326-7721.


Some Existing Program Titles

The Telesales Rep College (comprehensive, step-by-step, two-day training program)

Smart Calling™: How to Take the Fear, Failure, and Rejection Out of Cold Calling

Telephone Selling Skills for Outside Salespeople

How to Sell More, In Less Time, With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques

The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Sales Reps When Using the Phone, and What You Can Do to Avoid These Errors

30 Telephone Sales Tips You Can Use Right Now

Or Build Your Own Program From These Specific Modules and Topics

Clients typically are able to pick and choose the topics they want covered in their programs. These topics include,

Working With Screeners and Voice Mail to Get Screened In, Not Out

What to Do Before the Call That Ensures Success and Prevents Failure

Building a Powerful Telephone Voice and Sales Vocabulary

Creating Sure-Fire Opening Statements that Create Interest, and Curiosity--Not Resistance

Developing Questions that Help Customers and Prospects Buy

Delivering Sales Presentations that Create Visual Images and Touch Emotions

Getting Commitment for ACTION!

The Painless Way (for salespeople and customers) to Address Objections

What to Say on Follow-Up Calls (to avoid the worthless, “Didja get my brochure?”)

How to Never be Rejected Again, and Maintain a Positive Attitude on Every Call

Because Art’s programs are highly interactive with plenty of exercises and word-for-word ideas and suggestions, he always includes workbook and reference material that participants use during the program, and refer back to on an ongoing basis.

Contact Art Sobczak to discuss your particular program and training needs. 800-326-7721 or (402)895-9399


(Sample audio demo clip available upon request )