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Stop Negative Thoughts, Lose The Fear Of Risk

And Be Enthusiastic ALL Of The Time!


Getting and Keeping

A Successful Telesales Attitude

Featuring Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Interviewed by Art Sobczak


All of the sales techniques known to man are essentially worthless unless you have a positive sales attitude.  In this information-packed 60-minutre seminar on audio CD, Dr. Alan Zimmerman, author of the book, Pivot – How One Turn in Attitude Can Lead to Success, shows exactly what you need to do to get, and keep your motivational fires roaring so you can perform and sell at the highest levels.


In sales, probably more so than any other profession, we expose ourselves to failure all the time.  In fact, if we don’t, then we’re really not talking to prospects and customers.  If you want more of anything in life – a better bottom line, a higher closing ratio, better relationship with your spouse – whatever you want more of always requires a risk.  Selling, in general, is a profession that allows us to take risks and enjoy the rewards. 


Unfortunately, most people never even come close to their true potential because they are afraid of failing, and as a result, they don’t even try.  Research indicates that most people will try something less than one time, on average, before giving up on a new goal.  They literally give up and admit defeat without ever really facing the challenge.


The truth is, often times it isn’t the actual rejection or failure that proves so discouraging to people, it’s their reaction to the situation and how they choose to respond to it that determines the final results they achieve.  Obstacles and set-backs in sales, as in life, are inevitable – the rejection or the failure you feel is optional.


With this audio CD, Dr. Zimmerman explains that attitude is the number one predictor of success.  It predicts success more than IQ, education level, gender or racial background.  There’s nothing that comes up higher on the scale of what predicts success than having the right attitude.





Dr. Zimmerman also explains how anyone can memorize techniques and processes, but not everyone has an attitude for success.  In fact, too many people carry around negative attitudes which cause them to actually behave in ways that give them little chance to be positive.  Dr. Zimmerman will show you how to recognize these self-defeating patterns and how to overcome them.  He then lays out a complete plan for how you can replace those negative thoughts and behaviors with positive actions which will enable you to live your life courageously – not controlled by fear and anxiety.



About Dr. Alan Zimmerman

At the age of seven, he was selling greeting cards door-to-door.  By age 14, he owned his own international import business.  By 21, he was teaching at the University of Minnesota, and during the next 15 years, he was selected as the outstanding faculty member by two different universities.


At age 36, Dr. Zimmerman retired from teaching and opened his own speaking and training company.  That position has allowed him to deliver more than 2,000 programs to more than a million people in 48 states and 22 countries.


Of course you may already be familiar with Dr. Zimmerman, as you may have seen him on CNN or perhaps the CBS Morning Show.  In fact, his book Pivot: How One Turn in Attitude Can lead to Success has been featured on over 200 TV and radio shows across the country.


His client list includes the biggest and best organizations such as 3M, Prudential, the United States Air Force, and U. S. Steel.


Dr. Zimmerman is also a member of the National Speaker’s Association Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor which has been bestowed only to a very few people within the last 30 years, including Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Norman Vincent Peal and Zig Ziglar.



You cannot be truly, truly successful in sales unless you have an attitude whereby you are willing and able to take risks.  If you’re not changing, not growing and upgrading your professional skills by not taking risks at changing in some way, you can’t expect people out there to respect you or follow along with you.  Dr. Zimmerman explains why there is no way you can really totally lose in risk taking, when you follow the tips and techniques he presents.


In this program, you get specifics on:


  • The startling psychological evidence that a positive attitude leads to success, and why a poor attitude keeps losers losing.

  • The FIVE behaviors and beliefs that might be keeping you from developing a consistently positive attitude, and thus hindering your success.

  • Eight things TO DO to get rid of negativity and attract positivism

  • The importance of risk in sales and success, and how you can learn not to fear it, but thrive on it instead.

  • How to be enthusiastic all of the time, thereby affecting the attitudes of others and their perception and behavior toward YOU.

  • Six specific actions to minimize or eliminate failure in sales and in your life, plus much more!



"Thank you for one of the finest, most worthwhile presentations I have heard in years.   Judging by the evaluation ratings, I am not alone in my opinion.   In the past week, I would estimate 30 participants have spoken to me about how much they enjoyed your presentation and how they applied the content. "
Mark Ristau - Customer Operations Support
Northern States Power Company



Develop a telesales selling attitude that replaces fear and doubt with confidence and expectancy.  Let Dr. Zimmerman show you how to start succeeding more often in sales and in life!



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