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How to Prospect at the Top Management Level: What to Say and Do to Get Through to and SELL the Highest-Level Buyers

Watch this video message to you from Art:

















Do ANY of the following describe you and your sales efforts?

  • You're tired of decisions getting stalled because your contact does not see it as a priority,
  • You sometimes lose sales because you're told by a mid-manager that the budget is already spent for the year,
  • You often find yourself talking to people who can't or won't make a decision,
  • Your sales cycles often get extended, sometimes indefinitely, because you are waiting for your contact to get approval from his boss,
  • Your deals get denied because your contact isn't articulate enough, or persuasive enough, or motivated enough to sell it to the boss,
  • Your sales cycles are way too long because "committees" are involved,
  • You sometimes are intimidated at the thought of calling into high-level decision makers, or you turn to jello when you actually have one on the phone,
  • You now target high-level buyers within an organization, maybe even at the C level, but have a difficult time getting through.

You can avoid all of these problems, shorten your sales cycle, and make larger sales if you sell to higher level buyers in companies. And that requires a different strategy and approach than what most people use when selling at the lower mid-manager levels.

I have assembled a package of a couple of audio and video resources that show you EXACTLY what to do and say to get through to, and sell at the highest levels. You should sell to the people who can and will make the ultimate decision to buy from you, without having to check with
anyone else.

Here's what you will get.

1. Two-Hour Audio Seminar on CD
You'll get "How to Prospect at the Top Management Level: What to Say and Do to Get Through to and Sell the Highest-Level Buyers," an audio seminar on two-CD's. This is an interview I did for the Platinum Members of my Telesales Success Inner Circle with sales expert Paul DiModica.

You get specifics: what-to-say, what-to-do, how-to-say it so that you avoid the mistakes that most salespeople make in trying to prospect at the highest level, and get through and sell more often.

Listen to a portion of the program here:

In these two CD's you will learn,

  Why cold calling is not dead, and in reality, the quickest way to get through and sell to the highest levels,

  How to not feel intimidated when calling high levels, and instead, how to position yourself at a "peer-to-peer" level,

  How to build a "Buyer Dictionary" so you are speaking the language that high-level buyers speak in every day, AND, what words to avoid that make you sound like a common vendor,

  The Seven Steps, and Five Guidelines for creating your unique Sales Value Proposition that grab executives' attention. And, how to make it a new industry term you can even copyright,

  How you can sell against a big company that has a well-recognized brand, when you don't,

  What to send, and to whom, which is virtually guaranteed to get you in to speaking with the high level buyer. (This is not your typical suggestion, and most people will not do it. You WILL if you want to get through.)

 What to say to screeners, gatekeepers, and executive assistants so you are put through, not screened out,

 What to say on voice mail so that your call is either returned, or accepted the next time,

 How to create "Sales Objections White Papers" to blow away objections in advance,

 The seven characteristics of salespeople who hit their quotas consistently when selling at the top level,

 The specific Nine-Step model for creating your telesales script to use when
you have the high-level buyer on the phone, including examples you can use
as-is, or adapt... much more.

Let me emphasize that this is not one of those fluffy full-of-air programs that tells you "You need to create value with the buyer," but does not show you exactly HOW to do it. You will get PRECISELY what you need to say to get through to and sell at the highest level.

I must admit I personally was blown away by the amount and level of pure, beefy, solid what-do-right-now material that Paul shared in this program.

BONUS! FREE Written Transcript of the Seminar
In addition to the two hours on audio CD's, you will also get the written transcript of the program. 41 pages where you can see the techniques written out for you. You can highlight them, take notes, and write out your own variations of the techniques. 
See a sample of the actual transcript here.


You will also get...

2. Video Interview on DVD With a CEO Buyer On What It Takes To Sell To His Level
Also as part of my Telesales Success Inner Circle, Platinum members receive, every other month, a training video DVD, "Telesales TV," containing several lessons on how to sell and prospect using the phone. In Episode One of Season Two, one of the segments deals with how to prospect and sell at the top executive level.

In this segment, I interview the ex-CEO of Humana's western region, Dan Hoemke. Dan was the high level buyer that so many sales reps tried to get to. Most failed. A few got through. He shares the "secrets" of what works and what doesn't when trying to get to buyers at his level.

Dan also has experience on the other end of the phone and the desk, having been a successful sales executive himself, closing muti-million dollar deals at the C-level. Now he consults with sales reps on how to do the same. And he shares those secrets with you in this video.

View a segment of the interview below















This interview where Dan shares the secrets of getting to the "C" suite alone is worth the small investment in the package.

BONUS: You will get the entire DVD, not just the interview. Other segments include,

-why it's usually not a good idea to ask the budget question, and what to do instead,

-how to handle price resistance and objections,

-should you use "How are you today?", and,

-how and when to upsell.

Any ONE of these bonus video segments could pay for your entire program.

NOTE: Even if you do not sell at the highest levels, ALL of these ideas still will help you in your prospecting and sales.

What really hit me as I did both of these interviews is what it takes to sell at the top management level works at ANY level. Everything in both of these programs will help you, regardless of the decision maker you are targeting. And it will also give you the confidence to go to a higher level if you are not always going there now.

To Own This Program...
If you are selling, or attempting to sell at high levels you how much a deal can mean to you, and how much it costs and hurts to lose one. Not to mention the amount of time invested. Anything you can do to get in more often, and sell more effectively of course is worth pure gold.

The two-CD audio seminar and transcript alone will sell for $99, just like our other two-CD programs. The Telesales TV training DVD alone also sell for $99. Therefore these two resources would be $198 if you bought them not as part of this package.

If Purchased Separately
$99  Two-CD Audio Seminar, including 41-page transcript
$99  Telesales TV Video Training on DVD
$198 TOTAL

Your special package price? Just $139  ($6 US shipping, $12 international)  Order right now.

100% Money-Back Guarantee:
If for any reason you feel these resources will not help you get to and sell at the top levels, let us know and we will refund everything you paid us. You risk nothing.


US Customers: Order "How to Prospect and Sell at the Top Management Level Audio Seminar and DVD"  $139 + $6 shipping

NON US CUSTOMERS: Order "How to Prospect and Sell at the Top Management Level Audio Seminar and DVD"  $139 + $12 shipping

Download the Audio Seminar Only
Get the Audio Seminar instantly. You will download the double-CD program as two mp3 files. Just $79.