Issue 309

June 16, 2004

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This Week's Tip:
Questions You Can Use


Here are questions you can adapt or use as-is
on your calls.

"What are some of your responsibilities in this
position?" (Helps you understand how they are
evaluated in their job, and how you can help them)

"What process did you go through in selecting your
present vendor?" (Gives you an idea of how difficult
it might be to win the business?)

"How are you handling _______ now?" (Fill in with
a problem they likely are experiencing, or one you
think they might encounter.)

"What are you doing about it?" (If they say,
"Nothing," ask the next questions.)

"What effect is that having on your business, and
other departments?"

"What is it costing you?"

"What will happen if you do nothing?"

"What is keeping you from solving the problem?"
(These are all designed to help embellish and magnify
the problem so they see it as being severe enough to
do something about.)

"What do you see as possible solutions?" (To get
their idea of what they'd like to do.)

"What do you think is the best solution?"
(Narrows it down.)

"Why is that one most important to you?" (Gives
their emotional reason. Helps them sell themselves.)

"If you decided to go that route, what is the overall
decision making process?" (Gives you an idea of what
channels you might have to go through.)

"Who else might be involved?" (Gives you the names
of other players.)

"Will they go along with your decision or recommendation?"

"What will you need to do to win their support?"
(Uncovers the degree of difficulty of getting the
decision passed.)

"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no
happiness without action."

Benjamin Disraeli

Go and have your best week ever!




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