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Don’t Be Frustrated by Voice Mail Any Longer

And Achieve Incredible Sales Success


Voice Mail Strategies

That Sell

How to Get Through More Often

More Quickly and Get More Calls Returned

Featuring Colleen Francis

Interviewed by Art Sobczak


It’s a fact that most salespeople reach voice mail more often than they do their desired prospect or customer.  Many salespeople consider voice mail to be the number one barrier to their ability to sell more and make more money.  The dilemma: What can we do to get through more often, more quickly, and get more calls returned?


That's what you will discover in this 55-minute Audio Seminar, in which Art Sobczak interviews internationally-known sales expert and consultant Colleen Francis who reveals her secrets for turning voice mail into an incredibly potent selling tool and actually using it to generate more sales.


Interestingly enough, we love our own voice mail because it allows us to ignore calls we don't want to take, or prepare for calls we'd rather not take right now. However, we hate the voice mail of our prospects and customers because it also allows them to do the exact same thing - including ignoring the calls we make to them! But, if you know how to manage it, you'll never again have to blame voice mail--or gatekeepers--for not closing enough business.


After listening to this seminar, you’ll actually find yourself wanting to get voice mail, because you’ll know how to use it to your advantage:


  • Why it may be better to get voice mail than a live person

  • Why they often don’t even listen to your voice mail message – and what to do about it

  • The real reason your calls don’t get returned.

  • The types of calls they choose not to return and the types they choose to.

  • The very first thing to do when you get voice mail.

  • How to put the listener into a positive frame of mind so they’ll actually look forward to your next call.

  • How to be persistent without being viewed as a “Stalker”.

  • How many attempts you should make in order to get through.

  • The key ingredient of a successful voice mail message.

  • A simple method for getting your calls returned – fast.

  • The hidden danger of getting a return call - and what to do about it.

  • How to succeed in getting through more often by using a “multi-media” approach.

  • Use the magic “3-Step formula” for getting through. Listen in to an actual segment from this portion of the seminar.

  • How long you need to wait between contact attempts.

  • The very best time to call when you’re most likely to get through – BONUS: This REALLY makes a favorable impression!

  • An amazingly simple technique that gets them to call you and actually apologize for not calling back sooner!


About Colleen Francis

Collen Francis is an international sales trainer driven by a passion for sales - and results. A successful sales professional for over 15 years, she understands the challenges of selling in today's market and how traditional sales techniques from decades ago often fall short.


Through her company, Engage Selling Solutions. Colleen helps sales professionals make an immediate and lasting impact on their sales results.  Through key note speaking, sales training and sales coaching, Colleen delivers her savvy, no–nonsense approach to sales, rooted in the belief that there really isn't a single magic formula to success. Rather, her researched, field–tested approach is about consistently applying a common sense process for listening to, working with, and tending to the needs of customers.


Ask any of Colleen's clients about why they call on her services — again and again — and you'll hear a common refrain: she delivers results!


Colleen is unwavering in her commitment to sales training that makes a lasting and meaningful impact on the corporate bottom line. That's why her services are regularly sought by leading private and public sector organizations across North America like RBC, Adecco, Bell, Dow Chemical, HelmsBrisco, Corel and many others.


Colleen has been distinguished by the Canadian Professional Sales Association as a Certified Sales Professional (C.S.P.) and is President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Sales and Marketing Magazine has called Colleen and Engage Selling: One of the top 5 most effective sales training organizations in the market today!



You may have thought you knew how to deal with voice mail, but you’ll be amazed to discover that many of the things you are now doing are absolutely wrong.  Here is just a sampling of what you may be doing now that you shouldn’t:


  • When and why you shouldn’t leave a voice mail message.

  • Why the voice mail messages you do leave may actually hurt your chances of success.

  • Why so many “clever” techniques salespeople use actually kill their chances of ever getting through.

  • How the voice mail message you leave can end up putting the prospect on edge.

  • HUGE TIP – Why you shouldn’t leave your telephone number on your voice mail messages – and why it will increase your odds of getting through.

  • Why you don’t want to give them a time frame for calling you back.

  • Why you should actually hang up the first time you get their voice mail.


Colleen also tells you how you can create an entire arsenal of tools and techniques to use in conjunction with your voice mail that will help you crash through practically any barriers between you and your prospects, including:


  • The amazingly simple technique that gets 80% of your calls returned.

  • How to effectively utilize the one-two punch of voice mail and e-mail.

  • How to coordinate you voice mail with other stealth methods to make certain your messages get through.

  • Why you MUST call back exactly when you say you are going to.

  • The best days and times to use email.

  • The non-linear approach that helps you to get through more often.


  • How to increase the frequency you reach out to clients and prospects.

  • The incredible power of SHORT messages.


Colleen also shares with you her secrets for working with gatekeepers and screeners that will give you real leverage and ensure you reach your ultimate target:


  • Why screeners really do want to help you.

  • The top secrets for turning screeners into allies who will be on your side.

  • The two top strategies for dealing with gatekeepers.

  • Why you should avoid volunteering too much information up front.

  • When, Why and How to circumvent a screener – without making them angry, hurt or upset.

  • How to make a hugely favorable impact with the person screening your call.

  • What to do when all else fails.


Here is what others have to say about Colleen Francis:


"I just wanted to tell you about my success yesterday using your voice mail technique. I was getting frustrated trying to reach this potential client, and David reminded me to keep trying, and I left a message yesterday morning advising her I would call her back at 3pm, and sure enough she answered the phone (finally) and I got the search from her."

Helen Lightfoot, HelmsBriscoe


"Colleen Francis is a top-notch sales pro who knows how to make progress in a difficult market. Bad economy. Government sales. Makes no difference - she can get the job done."

Paul Lemberg, Lemberg and Associates


"One of our reps went from one or two conversations out of 10 cold-call connects and no prospects (previous week average), to 6 prospects from of his 10 cold-calls on the day immediately following your training. That is a pretty dramatic and immediate result!"

Lewis Prochnau, Corporate Sales Manager, Protus IP Solutions Inc.



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Once you realize how incredibly successful you can be as a result of using it to your advantage, you’ll actually look forward to getting voice mail.  With the information contained in this astounding audio seminar, you’ll not only get through more often, you’ll also be better positioned and better prepared when you do talk with your clients and prospects.  And the bottom line is you will make more and bigger sales with less effort than you thought imaginable.  This of course, means more money for you!


Your Investment?  Only $59 (plus $5 shipping, $10 non-US) The downloadable files are just $49 total. Remember, the longer you wait to learn Voice Mail Strategies That Sell, the longer you’ll continue to be frustrated and lose out on the incredible sales revenues that could be yours.  Order right now!



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