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Here Are The 12 Best Questions To Ask Prospects And Customers So They Will Want And Buy What You Sell


"The Twelve Best Questions

To Ask Prospects And Customers"

An Information-Packed Audio Seminar on CD

Featuring Jim Meisenheimer and Art Sobczak


On this audio CD Jim and Art discuss the most important, yet most overlooked aspect of sales success – asking the right questions.


In addition to learning the right questions to ask, you’ll discover the proper time and the proper ways to ask these questions.  Jim and Art will also reveal the reasons why you need to ask these questions, why you need to ask them in a specific order, and why so many salespeople fail to do so - literally losing millions of dollars of possible sales revenue as a result.


Here Is Just A Sample Of What You’ll Learn On This CD:

  • How to always ask thought-provoking questions that result in action

  • Overcoming reluctance to preparing questions in advance

  • Where to go to get a constant stream of current information on your prospects –FREE

  • How to prevent price objections BEFORE you hear them

  • A simple item you can get at the drugstore to help you make more sales

  • Where many salespeople leave lots of money on the table

  • What to do with the answers to your questions to keep the call alive


"Just received the 12 Best Questions CD I ordered from you last week. It's outstanding.
I had planned to just briefly preview it, but got hooked and listened to most of it twice.
We're selling something today!"

Dave Winegardner, V.P., Director of Sales & Marketing, Neosho Community Bank & Trust

Listen Now To An Actual Excerpt From the Audio Seminar and
Hear One of the 12 Best Questions

(If the PLAY button does not appear above, CLICK HERE to listen)

With The 12 Best Questions To Ask Prospects And Customers, you’ll discover the secrets to uncovering the REAL NEEDS of your prospects and customers.  You’ll reveal their TRUE MOTIVATORS, and fid out the ACTUAL REASONS they buy, then you’ll use this information to help them buy from you.


“I learned more sales and business tools from Jim than I did in four years at a $100,000 private college.”   Brandon Fox


Armed with the knowledge you gain from using the questions in this CD, getting to the “Yes” with your prospects and customers will seem like child’s-play.


-Nervous about calling on prospects who have a long-standing relationship with their current supplier?   Well, you don’t have to break down the competition.   Jim will give you one simple question that will have your prospect do it for you.  In fact, you’ll  actually look forward to calling on these “tough” accounts.


-Worried about dealing with price objections?  The subject will hardly ever even come up when you use the questions that Jim teaches.  And, in the rare event this objection is thrown at you, Jim gives you a simple yet effective response which will neutralize the objection and actually get the prospect to perceive your product or service as the better value.


-Tired of wasting your efforts on people without real buying authority?  Jim gives you a rock-solid method for finding out if others will be involved in the decision-making process, without risk of alienating the person you’re speaking with.


-Would you like to create a sense of urgency for your product or service while making the cost seem tiny?  (Amazingly, most salespeople just blow by this!) Once again, Jim tells you what to say in order to get your customers and prospects to view your product or service as the solution to their problems that they need now.


Jim Meisenheimer is a top-notch sales strategist who tells you how to increase sales, earn more money, have more fun, and do it all in less time.


His focus is on knockout selling skills that get immediate results.  He’s authored seven books on the subject, publishes The Knockout Sales Tip Letter, and has a regular column in Art’s Telephone Prospecting and Selling Report newsletter.  He’s been an independent instructor and consultant for over 18 years and conducts coaching programs, boot camps and national sales meetings.  He currently has over 500 corporate clients and growing, while enjoying over 80% repeat business.


Not only will you learn what to ask, how to ask, and when to ask it, Jim also explains how to easily transition from your last question into a knock-their-socks-off sales presentation which  makes use of all the valuable information you’ve just learned about your prospect or customer.


If you’re not asking the 12 questions on this CD, in the proper sequence, you’re losing out on the opportunity to double, triple, or even quadruple your present sales volumes.  Stop letting money slip away.   Order your copy of The 12 Best Questions to ask Prospects and Customers now to send your sales skyrocketing, and blow away your competition.


You will also get the hard-copy 23-page written transcript of this audio seminar. Every word, every question, written out for you.


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Your Investment? Just $59. (plus $5 shipping, $10 non-US) The downloadable files are just $49 total. That's it. Any ONE of these questions, used just once should repay that investment pretty quickly. And NOT using these questions, while your competitors might, could cost you a lot more than that. Order right now!


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